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My journey had come full circle. It started with lines and now the threads of Newfoundland Labrador were woven into a masterful 222 foot hand made tapestry depicting 1,000 years of history on the Northern Peninsula. It was designed by the artist Jean Claude Roy in the style of the Bayeux Tapestry and embroidered by the local women in the village of Conche.

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By expanding our footprint, we are able to deliver more clients speed to market into these new regions and continue to deliver direct access to our managed and cloud services. This development is particularly poignant for businesses seeking recovery services in geographically dispersed data center locations as well as global brands needing local data center hubs to deliver a flawless end user experience on a global scale. In addition, through our streamlined cross connect provisioning process within our carrier diverse data centers, we can enable client to carrier or client to client cross connects so our customers can quickly interconnect with each other.

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